How To get Started with LulaRoe

How I Got Started with LuLaRoe:

I know you want to know how to get started with LuLaRoe but here is a little about how I got started first. I am a 23 year old single lady who just finished her Masters Degree in August. Exciting right?! After my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, I moved back home to Sunny San Diego for better job opportunities and an amazing one year Masters Degree opportunity. Shortly after moving, I landed a job at a Chiropractic office for $9 an hour to work while in school and realized if I wanted to live on my own, I wouldn’t even be able to pay half of my rent.

One night my mom was on a Facebook shopping group, excitedly scrolling her timeline. She was shopping Tiffany Cooks Pop Up Party ! This was the first party she and I had ever seen. All these thoughts were running through my head; How do I buy this skirt ? How are all these clothes selling so fast ? UGH I really liked that one !!! Tiffany, do you have another ?! Then the addiction began. Oddly enough, it started with Cassie Skirts and Julia Dresses. There were packages coming to the house about every 3 to 5 days. Once I touched those leggings, it was GAME OVER and that is when I contacted Tiffany.

It wasn’t long before I was asking hundreds of questions. Sorry Tiffany! I honestly didn’t take it seriously until I made an investment vs profit excel spreadsheet. I am a numbers person. I wanted to know how I could possibly make $5k back! Once I saw how large the profit and potential was, I knew I had to do embark on this opportunity. With LuLaRoe, I am able to work at home, work when I want or when I could, work around my masters classes, my social life and make more money than any of my college friends were making. It sounded like a win, win to me!

Many of you have husbands to convince for this initial investment but me being single, I only had one man to ask, my grandpa. He owns a business so I knew if I explained the simplicity, provided the numbers and told him I would work hard to pay him back, he would help me and he DID! So I DO understand if your husband is questioning this. LuLa what ?!

Welp, 5 days after submitting my paperwork in November 2015 I got my onboarding call and 2 days after that I was driving to Corona to pick up my initial order! I even was able to tour the Home Office see the warehouse and DeAnnes amazing office! The front desk receptionist said “hold on, cause its going to be a wild ride!!” And boy, was she right !

This wild ride has been the best of my life. I made my initial investment back in 30 days. My grandpa was kind enough to let me reinvest as long as I wanted but I choose to pay him back in 60 days ! This journey has lead me to meet so many wonderful women from my wonderful customers who shop with me to my amazing team members! I hit Trainer in July 2016 ! Never in a million years did I think I would be where I am over a year into this journey. If you are even considering LuLaRoe, contact me ! This wild ride will be the best of your life too.

How To Get Started with LuLaRoe:

Below is a video on how to get started with LuLaRoe and what we all want to know, how much does it cost!
The steps are easy:
1. Create your LuLaRoe Specific Email (lularoe”firstnamelastname”
2. Fill out your sponsor’s join link
3. Start learning from us while waiting for your onboarding call