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Irma Tunic

LuLaRoe’s Irma Tunic is a loose, knit “high-low” tunic with fitted mid-length sleeves. Tunics are a major throw back to days gone by. And by days we actually mean centuries. The tunic is a shirt or gown that was worn by women starting in the days of ancient Greece and Rome. But it’s not an ancient fashion, no ma’am. The tunic is such a simple design that is has withstood the test of (a looooong) time. It’s versatile and simple, and at LuLaRoe we’ve found that those are the best styles because you can wear them however you want with just about anything you want and each design is going to be flattering and stylish. But the bestest part of these simple and stylish designs is that they are perfect for any body – no matter your shape, size, height or nail color

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